Mr Agreeable


24 Jun 2021

Usher is back with a new album. Striking a note of self-absorption unusual in the world of contemporary R&B, it’s called Looking 4 Myself.

Oh, looking for yourself are you, Usher? Mislaid yourself? I think I know where you might f***ing find yourself. Have you tried looking in the charts? Hard to locate nowadays, I f***ing agree, as no one gives an airborne f***ing shag about the f***ing charts any more but I think that’s where you’ll f***ing find yourself, clogging up the f***ing works with the f***ing over-produced, vacuum-sucked, reality-of-life-for-black-people-denying, generic f***ing glucose syrup that passes for f***ing African-American music in this f***ing day and age, you long, useless, flaccid f***ing wanksock!