Mr Agreeable

Boris Yeltsin

13 Jan 2022

It would appear that Boris Yeltsin, the former Russian Premier who oversaw his country’s transition from Soviet communism to the free market, has died, aged 76.

Jesus bit my f***ing nipple, it says something about what a giant f***ing joke of a country f***ing Russia is that a f***ing dysfunctional alkie like Yeltsin, on eight f***ing bottles of vodka a day and two f***ing bypass operations a week, could get to be in f***ing charge of it! Seriously, this was the best you Cyrillic c***s could do? You couldn’t find some f***er sleeping under a bridge using a pool of his own f***ing piss as a mattress? Or a f***ing bear to shave and put in a suit and shove in the f***ing Kremlin? God f***ing help us – the man who gave away 90% of the f***ing country’s infrastructure in return for a f***ing Dacha and six crates of f***ing potato based moonshine! They basically shoved a f***ing battery up his arse and operated him by f***ing remote control for the last f***ing five years he was in office, didn’t they? Cabbage eating c***s!