Mr Agreeable

Mumford & Sons

24 Jun 2021

Mumford & Sons are well on the way to completing work on their second album. Says Ben Lovett of the group, “There’s no pressure . . . we’re really excited about it. We’re looking forward to putting the record out there.”

F*** you and f*** you hard with your own torn off f***ing limbs, you simpering, waistcoated f***ing gaggle of poverty-parodying junkyard superpricks! When the f***ing ravenous hordes of the f***ing revolution track you and the rest of your privileged c*** of a class to your f***ing townhouse lairs and tear down the f***ing boards you nailed up during the f***ing food riots, they’ll f***ing drag you outside and boil you alive in vats of the melted down vinyl of your f***ing insult-to-f***ing injury, obscenely f***ing unnecessary albums! You and your f***ing fans, all of whom are called “Ollie”, spiritually at any f***ing rate! Death, violent, slow, painful and immediately administered f***ing death to all “Ollie”s!