From Diary Of A Nobody to Jeeves And Wodehouse . . . to J.

15 Sep 2023

FROM DIARY OF A NOBODY TO PG WODEHOUSE – THE FALL AND RISE OF COMIC LITERATURE If there’s a literary cornerstone for the sensibility of 20th century British comedy, it’s The Diary Of A Nobody, the creation of George Grossmith and brother Weedon, who provided the mournful pen and ink illustrations which accompany the text….

In Moscow and Leningrad with World Domination Enterprises, 1989

28 Jul 2022

“Surveillance? I knew we were in the Soviet Union when this guy just barged into our hotel room in Belgorod, said ‘Electricity!’, made this funny little adjustment to each of the light bulbs then walked out again. That’s when I knew we were in the Soviet Union.” – Steve Jameson, bassist, World Domination Enterprises. In …

1990 – An Audience With Chuck D

11 Jul 2022

  1990 – AN AUDIENCE WITH CHUCK D “Birmingham’s children are out in full force tonight, from tiny, 12 year old guys being refused Tennents Pilsner at the bar to clusters of 13 year old girls in tracksuits stepping out immaculately choreographed routines on the edge of the massed dancefloor, to proud, highly strung youths…

I was so much younger then – I’m older than that now. Early days at Melody Maker

13 Jan 2022

I remember very vividly, yet barely remember at all, the young man I was when I first started out as a music journalist back in 1986. I did possess some virtues; I was pretentious, for a start.

Finding Jack Charlton – a poignant study in dementia, coupled with some of the most vivid of World Cup memories

12 Jan 2022

Just watched Gabriel Clarke’s beautiful, sad, affirming, brilliantly edited documentary on Jack Charlton, whose final years were blighted by dementia.

Patriotism – the thoughts of a would-be scoundrel

3 Dec 2021

So I’ve been thinking for much of the day about patriotism; what it means, how much, or more like how little I feel it, and whether that is a failing in me.

Government planning campus lockdown to stop spread of left wing views

23 Jun 2021

I understand that the government are planning a fresh lockdown to stop the spread of left wing views on university campuses.

Tony Bennett – a Manhattan trip that was absolutely all it was cracked up to be

31 Mar 2021

Sad news announced by Tony Bennett’s family that he has been suffering from Alzheimers these past four years (he’s 94).

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